LeMubdi, true to its name, “The Originator”, came into being when Uzma Imran Chaudhry identified an evident vacuum in the basic clothing requirements for a modest women facing the challenges of this fast paced modern-western world. She launched LeMubdi in December 2019 with a vision in mind, vision of our LeMubdi Woman who is strong, confident and versatile. She is bold to stand up for her beliefs. Her ethnic modesty keeps her firmly connected to her roots yet she is modern and classy. Nothing holds her back once she is headed to reach her dreams.

Depicting our LeMubdi Woman who is special, each look has been carefully created taking extreme pride in our heritage. Every cut is a unique blend of cultures, engulfed in ethnic aura yet offering an impeccable contemporary look.

You are invited to immerse yourself in an exploration of cuts, hues, textures and concepts with LeMubdi, as it celebrates the best of each!